Author: jhbreden

Making color make sense Jack Bredenfoerder is a seasoned color design and marketing professional with more than 19 years of experience as a design director for Landor Associates, where he specialized in color strategy, trends and forecasting. Jack’s years of experience as well as his insight and passion for color are most useful when there is a need to make reasoned, informed decisions about the use of color in any industry setting or circumstance. Jack’s perspectives on color have been featured in leading business, consumer and design-industry trade publications including the Financial Times, the New Yorker, Communication Arts, ID and Advertising Age. He has also served as an advisor to HGTV. Broad perspectives, fine-tuned As a service to the larger community, Jack has presented on color theory, strategy and trends to a broad range of professional organizations including the American Society of Interior Designers, The Event Design Forum, and the Color Marketing Group. He is also a frequent guest speaker at HOW’s Conferences in the US and Internationally. Annually, Jack develops trend and color forecasts that serve as an invaluable reference for a wide variety of branding initiatives, from consumer goods to pharmaceuticals. Experience tempered by education and service Jack is a student of Leatrice Eiseman, international color authority and director of the Pantone Institute. He holds an MBA with a specialization in marketing as well as undergraduate degrees in design and business administration. Jack is a past president of the Color Marketing Group (CMG), the premier international association for color design professionals. During his two-year term, Jack helped expand CMG’s international presence and presided over groundbreaking regional CMG meetings in Bilbao, Buenos Aires and Jaipur, India. Jack continues his involvement with the Color Marketing Group as a Senior Chairholder. Specialties Color Design, Color Education and Color Forecasting

2020-2021 Officers Installed

L-R: Jim Crane, Department of Ohio Commander Michael Spaulding, Kerry Langdon, Michael Mershon, Jim Houston, Richard Davis, Harry Schmidt, Phillip Kidd, Liam Kidd, Camp Commander Robert Kidd, Dan Davis, Kenny Burck, David Stockdale, Larry Collins, Larry McCullough, Don Vogel and Denny Brown. 

Commander – Robert J. Kidd Sr.

ViceCommander – Donald C. Vogel Jr.

ViceCommander – Harry W. Schmidt

Secretary – David Stockdale

Treasurer – Jim Houston, PDC

Camp Council 2018-2020:

Richard A. Davis, PCC 2019-2021

Todd Mayer, PCC 2020-2022

Kerry L. Langdon,PDC

Nominating Committee 2019-2021:

D. Scott Freeman 2019-2021

Dennis M. Brown, PCC 2020-2022

James T. Crane, PDC


Assistant Secretary – Gordon Stokely

Guard/Guide – Daniel Y. Davis

Treasurer – Richard A. Davis, PCC

Historian – Larry W. Collins. PCC

Newsletter Editor – Larry W. Collins, PCC

Assistant Newsletter Editor – Jack Bredenfoerder

Bugler – Peter J. Sturdevant

Memorials Officer – [vacant]

Chaplain – Larry McCullough

Patriotic Instructor – D. Scott Freeman

Color Bearer – [vacant]

Photographer – Denny Brown, PCC

Counselor – David L. Stockdale

Quartermaster – William West III, PCC

Eagle Scout Coordinator – Jim H. Houston, PDC

Recruiting Officer – [vacant]

Fraternal Relations Officer – Kerry L. Langdon, PDC

ROTC Coordinator – Steve Murray

Graves Registration Officer – J. Roger Poppel

Signals Officer – [vacant]